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Harpist and idiot. Inquire within.

Okay, kids... So I'm trying to think of something collaborative to do. I've been in the city for a few years, and done some of the guitar/la-la bit, but am interested, at the moment, in something slightly different and much dumber. I have:

*A harp (not a blues-harp, a harp-harp).

*An accordion.

*A jug.

*A penchant for playing everything from Nirvana to Britney to Kool and the Gang, but only after they've been run through some sort of truly horrifying mental processor that makes all of their songs sound like Johnny Cash, were he to be singing in the shower and accompanied by John Tesh.

*A ukulele.

*A passable ear and just enough classical training to render me absolutely useless in an amazing variety of musical contexts.

Well, isn't that just a recipe for success?! Er, don't answer that.

In any event, I've been playing the harp for about six years or so (and most interested in sticking primarily with it), but have played guitar/piano/etc. for as long as I can remember. Of course, I can only remember the last four weeks, but I happen to have been playing for some time now.

But I'm interested in getting a small group of people (1? 2?) together who share a few common exploratory traits. Modernist? Folk? Goofy? Serious? I'm some average of these... I lean towards the harmonic, and away from the 'jam', but I'm also a pushover.

It'd be great if you could improvise or have some direction that you'd like to explore, too. The more styles and more diverse the instruments, the better. Singers/harmonizers/writers would be nice, too. Strings, winds. Male, female, other.

Extra-super-bonus points for being an accordion and/or tuba player, as, well, that really requires no explanation. And if you build your own instruments, I'll wash your car.

So if you're interested in contributing to some casual, low-key combo, let me know. I'm a lazy commuter, so SF would be best. This would take shape as we make and want it, so let me know what sort of project strikes your fancy; I'll let you know about the sort of response this gets. Perhaps it will all just gel...


Other ways to contact poster:

Sing, all the time. That way, I'll know it's you, and that you're interested. Being Bjork would be a great way to get in touch with me, too.

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