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Here's A story...

I thought I might take my 87' S-10 and convert it to electric . Silly me !

After taking the whole darn thing apart , and sanblasting the rear half
of the frame , I gave up ! To much for the conversion Kit..... (or so I tell myself).
So then this truck sits fot two years and I decide to put the engine back in , and run it til it's dead . After having the engine dipped , bored and honed , and spending 400 bucks for the rebuild kit and 240 for the machining , I gave up !(this time I was a bit more realistic , realizing that I could never recoup the expense of the storage costs @ 75 a month , and that a break even on the whole deal might be the right way out). Silly me !

Another year passes , and I still have not sold it ,(I am a guy , and I can have useless mechanical devices around the house that cost me money , and get me dirty if I choose , RIGHT?? .....and I really tried to explain that to her before she left me....) Plus I get to use tools...!! What could be better ?
I miss you honey !~~~:(

Luckily I beleive this , so the pain of the storage cost of the last 6 months is justified in my "sure I can fix that , if I can just take it apart and look at it closer" attitude towards life . HOWEVER.......

She said she would come back if I got rid of the "TRUCK I CANNOT SEEM TO GIVE AWAY" ...... And this is where many , or any of you can help me ! PLEASE !!

My libido now guides my life , and I have wanted to chew my arm off at the shoulder more than once , in the wee hours of the morning (when the fog is lifting , and the light becomes bright eneough to see your surroundings) , and I now want some stability in my life !
I can only acheive this IF AND ONLY IF.... 1) I quit my debauchery , and the seeking of immediate gratification (I'll change for you honey , I promise!)
and.....2) GET RID OF THE #%$$#***!!! TRUCK !!!!!!

You can obviously only help me with one of these , but I have a consolation prize for you !!!


IF you can't take it all , then you can purchase bits and pieces of it until I have saved enough to have it carted away ! It is free if you take it all at once ! (Jeeez , I really need her back!)

The engine is available seperately at a reduced rate , and the transmission is also available for some $$.
I will throw in the transmission , gratis , with a new clutch if you have : a flat bed tow truck , a floor jack , and a few hours to put the back end back on . I have tools , and will work with whomever can help me reclaim my soul mate from the grips of her girlish delusions regarding my stuff !!!

Engine needs head , valves , and push rods ....(I really wish she was here right now) as well as a TBI unit .

I will part it out for cash , or all at once for free , It is ironicaly navy blue in color . please call..........help me , I am weak..... engine extra !

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