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RE: cheap, funky travel ideas for single woman?

You are in luck! Grab $1.25 and hop on MUNI and head on over to my joint.

You like 3rd world countries? Step into my shower which hasn't been cleaned in over a year and you will think you are staying in a two-star resort in Bangladesh. The mildew on the walls and ceiling add to the charm and authenticity of real 3rd world bathrooms.

You like ruins? Check out my walk-in closet with dirty clothes stacked three feet high. If you are interested in archeology I'll let you excavate all the way to the bottom of the stack of clothes. You can take home any treasures you find. There are other ruins located in adjoining rooms, so you will have plenty of time to explore.

You like funky? There's nothing funkier than the crusty stuff inside my athletic socks liberally scattered around the sleeping quarters!

You like good food? If your idea of good food includes a grilled cheese sandwich, your dining experience will be unforgettable. Quesadillas are another of my specialties, so you'll think you are somewhere south of the border.

Your tour guide will be a charming 40 year old guy who often fails to complete thoughts or sentences, much like you would expect from a tour guide in a faraway land. He's also unemployed and poorer than dirt, making about as much income as a rickshaw driver in Mongolia.

Why hop on a plane when you can hop on the bus? There are steep discounts available if you are interested in helping restore the ruins to their previous natural beauty.

Email for details and a full itinerary including a Muni schedule.


You said:
The good news: I'm losing my job!
The bad news: I'm broke!

I want to take a quick, cheap vacation to get away from it all - prefer cheap & funky vacations. I like 3rd world countries, good food & good ruins.

Any ideas? I'm an experienced single traveler, female mid-30's.

Thanks everyone....

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