Originally Posted: 2004-04-18 7:54pm
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To the bike thief with a conscience:

I'm still a little confused. I should never have left my bike so poorly secured at the fruitvale bart station, but my partner had just had a pretty serious accident and I was more concerned about her health than my old beater bike. When I came to claim it, though, I could tell that something was wrong. The front wheel (left unsecured by me) was all askew. It was then that I noticed that this was an entirely different wheel. You had stolen my wheel, then in some fit of guilt, compassion, or perhaps just not knowing what to do with your old wheel, you left it with my bike. Here's some advice for you though, in case you want to do this again:

1) The alloy rimmed, dt spoked, deore xt hubbed wheel you left is MUCH MUCH MUCH nicer than the steel rimmed, ?? spoked, ?? hubbed wheel you took.

2) I'll probably change it out pretty soon, but the armadillo tire is much better for commuting and general use (what I normally use this bike for) than the 2.25 inch super knobby offroad tire on that old beater wheel of mine. That tire you got is really only useful for serious off road riding and seriously fat folks riding over potholes.

3) I noticed that there's a slow leak in the tire you left. Thus, it's only fair to inform you that the tire you took has a rather fast leak. I usually carry a pump around because the tire goes flat about every 10 miles. I guess that's why I never really ride this bike unless my other three are out of commission (as is the case now).

Again, thanks for the upgrade! My beater mountain bike has taken on a whole new life! If you have any other similar trades you want to make, shoot me an email anytime.

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