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favorite this post To our neighbors, who leave their poop in our hallway..

For the love of god, fucking stop. It smells, it's nasty, and we have to walk by it all the fucking time.

You have a large dog, and I'm sure that it shits constantly. You store it's brown gifts in a plastic bag, and then, when you've filled a sack with the canine-drops, apparently you're too tired from all the scooping that you take it, and place it on your doorstep. Your dog's shit stinks through the plastic containment field, and makes the apartment hallway reek.

Look, I know sometimes you can be real, real tired. So tired that you don't want to take your animal's massive, steaming dumps downstairs to the garbage not 12 steps away. But almost every day? Seriously.

If I'm walking by and I see it sitting on your doorstep, I take it to the trash and throw it away. When you open your door and find your bag of shit missing, it's NOT because the magic dogshit fairy came along and swept it away. It's because a neighbor got sick and fucking tired of smelling and seeing it that they gingerly carried the abnormally heavy bag of turds, and properly disposed of it. This alone should be an indication that you need to knock it the fuck off.

You're lazy, disgusting, and inconsiderate.

If you were disabled, I'd understand, but you're two sturdy looking ladies who could easily handle carrying a satchel of dog-bomb downstairs to the garbage.

In summary, please, oh please, ladies, either keep your dog's ass-product inside your apartment, or walk it down to the garbage can. This dogshit fairy is tired of it, and sooner or later, when I take it down, I'll replace it with a steaming pile of my own creation.

hugs and kisses,
your neighbor.

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