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Dear Craigslisters,

Thank you for your overwhelming response to the "free monkies" ad I posted yesterday. The response for free monkies was so high that I couldn't reply to everyone. You will be glad to know that the free monkies were really excited when they got picked up, and immediately bonded with their new owners. Some of them broke into wild screeching and dancing, while others, though happy, just stood around playing with their belly buttons. I am really sorry for all of you who were anticipating free monkey and did not recieve an email back. Unfortunately, I ran out of free monkies, but I will be sure to post another ad if/when I acquire some more :) If it's any concilation to you, you probably wouldn't have liked these free monkies that much. They were very loud, and dirty. And had very disgusting habits and gestures. They weren't as smart as I made them out to be, either. At first I thought they were, but the whole dishes and vacuuming thing was just a fluke. They ended up breaking my dishes and sucking each other's tales up in the vacuum. Some of them went out the window to do their "business" and never came back. Some of them didn't, and my house still stinks. If you are lonely and would like a little friend, I would suggest picking up an animal from the shelter. They are much more friendly and clean, and probably more legal than the monkies anyway.

Best of luck,

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