Originally Posted: 2006-12-15 08:43

Trannies at the Gym

I go to 24 hr Fitness on Van Ness and Post. I've been going there regularly since I moved to the City 5 years ago. I've seen all types of men and women come and go. From the sublime - that cute skinny bald boy who used to have sideburns; to the inspirational - the woman who lost 100lbs in a year, I forget her name; to the stereotypical - cute blonde girl in all pink velour jog suit who never broke a sweat once; to the freakish - middle-age mullet guy who ties his shirt up like he's a 9 year old girl. And I accept and welcome you all.

I have even made some locker room gal pals. We're not 'tight' or anything. It's not like we hang out on weekends and get pedicures or watch movies together. We chat about our work days, who that freaky guy in the tied-up shirt is, the best place for a margarita, etc. But all of that friendly girl chat seems to die in the air the minute They walk in. They are the two Trannies At The Gym.

Now, I'm not about to say "Hey, I like Trannies...some of my best friends are Trannies", because that's not true. I do know one; and I like her(?). And I would share my locker room any day of the week. Hey Trannies At The Gym, I don't care if you're still packin' heat; if you think you're a girl, and you feel like a girl, I respect that and I will consider you a girl too.

But with my respect should come yours too, dear, Trannies At The Gym. Please respect me for being a real card-carrying double-x female. Please respect the fact that all of my body parts are natural and un-enhanced with silicone or collagen. Being natural, they may sag or juggle or squish. Please respect that I work hard to have the semi-respectable-in-a-bikini-body that I do have. Please respect the fact that most of the women in the locker room are there to improve themselves in one way or another. True, none of us will ever be able to work out bra-less in a tube top...But what natural woman would want to?

Please don't come in all full of sassy attitude. Some of us do speak Spanish, and we do know what you're saying. And those who don't speak Spanish can tell from the looks on your faces and the tones of your voice. A bitch is a bitch is a bitch in any language or gender orientation. We don't whisper and glare at you for using the ladies locker room...we know it's your only option.

So, until there's a Tranny locker room...keep your eyes on the floor and your comments about our saggy, too small, too big boobs; and our unenhanced asses to yourselves. P.S. All the guys know you're Trannies.

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