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I have a sunny one bedroom in Noe Valley. I also have really cute legs. This will make sense in a second . I decided this place was feeling just too big so I thought I would look for a roommate and then I remembered that I was looking for a girlfriend too so why don't I just throw all my eggs in one basket and go for the whole Shibang. Kittenkaboodle. Ball of wax. Whatever. This might sound nuts but I bet there is some lovely woman out there saying to herself, " GOD I wish I could find a good man... with a full size refrigerator and new tile in the bathroom." So here is the deal: you have a great smile and a heart of gold, and you also need to have curtain rods and hopefully a good floor lamp. I am 35, physically fit, have a good job, and the apartment has a living room and a good size kitchen. I have an unusually high IQ, interesting sense of humor, and there is plenty of cabinet space in the pantry and good water pressure in the shower head. I am looking for someone who is sweet and honest and earnest (like me) and who likes to have presents made for her and her pillow fluffed and also wouldn't mind making me a ham sandwich now and again. NOT because she HAS TO, but because she LOVES me. Like I love her. Which is why I would sit there and hold her hand while she cried for an hour about something that made absolutely no sense. And then I would get up and make HER a ham sandwich. And some soup. Then I would fix the water heater. Because I love her. Anyway, the apartment is close to shops and muni and my best qualities are my exhuberance for life, one-of -a- kind personality and kindness and compassion for others. I retain a certain cheerfulness and hopeful disposition, and I am even romantic like people were back in the days before the sexes weren’t afraid to interact with each other…like when they would actually smile and say hi to each other… like in the 50’s. Upon completion of a successful interview please be prepared to provide a nominal deposit . You also have to sleep with me. Utilities included. Did I mention I like animals?

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