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favorite this post Tips for a Successful MC Post -m4w

1. Avoid the "Coffee?" line.

Half of all missed connections take place at Starbucks. So why not be a little more creative on the first date? "Xbox 360 and a 40?"

2. Avoid Super-Vague MC's

Sutter downtown. You smiled, our eyes met. This morning. Contact me. Okay this is complete fucking bullshit. The more precise, the better. How about "You work at the bank of the corner of Main st and 1st Ave. You usually work Monday through Saturday, taking Thursdays off. You drive a red audi. You smiled at me when I asked for your number and told me it was bank policy not to give out personal information. I followed you home and chased you inside, and killed your puppy as you were screaming and calling the police. If you can describe the shirt I was wearing as I slit your puppy's throat, let me know, i'd like to see you again. Xbox 360 and a 40?"

3.) Is he/she married/gay/in a relationship?

Eye contact and a smile will give you about 1/100 chance of talking to the person if you don't initiate. 1/1200 if you let it go so far as having to post a missed connection. Now if you've gone that far and are not even sure of the person's sexual orientation or relationship status a.) you should wonder if there was something stuck to your face when they were smiling at you b.) your chances of ever sleeping with this person have dropped to getting-struck-by-lightning-while-holding-a-winning-lotto-ticket-and-posting-a-w4m-ad-without-getting-any-dick-pic levels. My suggestion: As you see your potential MC smiling and making eye contact, wipe your face with a napkin immediately, and if they are still smiling and making eye contact, scream out "Hey!! I heard your boyfriend/girlfriend was a Fag/Dyke!!" If she says "I don't have a boyfriend" you'll know she's single. If she says "my boyfriend is not a fag" you'll know she's straight. So now that you're armed with that info, just go home and post an MC with "Sutter - Downtown - I screamed at you that your boyfriend a Dyke!! Then I followed you home and killed your puppy. Xbox 360 and a 40?" Guaranteed Results.

I think if everyone plays by these simple rules we will help make the craigslist missed connection community a better place to have casual sex with people who we saw on the bart.

  • this is in or around San Francisco
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