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Hella Defined

Definitions of Hella

1. Northern Californian term for "really" or "very." Generally accepted vernacular north of Santa Barbara (It will get you dirty looks anywhere else in the world.)
Dude, that new organic market on Haight is hella phat!

2. Very, totally; lots of, generally used in Northern California.
That party was hella gay (sketch or weak may be substituted inside SF if certain girls are present).
I know! And what’s with all those hella ghetto-ass girls?
There was hella weed though.
That’s hella true.

3. The northern Californian way of saying very, or if you are really Nor-Cal, you just throw it in anywhere, at least like 5 or 6 times in a sentence.
I hella fucked that hella skanky chick hella hard dude.

4. A word never said by the highly intelligent people indigenous to Southern California.
What did that fucktard just say? Hell...A??

5. Way (verb to be)
The Bay Area is hella better then the LA.

6. Some Nor-Cal natives can use it more than once in the same sentence but still sound highly intelligent and employable.
Hella So-Cal people hella trip off of the word "hella", its hella insane how much they care.
I know! Hella!

See also synonym hecka.
Hecka: A word used by really cool people who want to express things with much feeling.
Used in place of "hella" because it is hecka better, or because people are not into using "hella" because they feel it is a hecka lame word.
See Variations…
That's hecka gay dude. Or Dude, that’s hella gay.
You're hecka stupid. Or You’re hella stupid.
Dude, I hecka need money. Or I hella need money dude. Hella.
I hecka need a fucking job. I hella need a fucking job or something else to do with my time.
I have hella/hecka free time.

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