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favorite this post 12/4-12/18: TOPLESS TECHIE CHICK Can Fix Your Computer Problems! hide this posting unhide

I'll give you JUST THE KIND OF FIX you've been DREAMING about!

I can:
-DIAGNOSE the cause of that crippling SYSTEM SLOWDOWN (finally!)
-SCRUTINIZE your drives for DESTRUCTIVE viruses and/or spyware
-Backup CRUCIAL records, settings, and documents
-UPGRADE your inferior network (oh yeah, gimme WI-FI, Baby!)
-Implement a TIGHT new scurity protocol to keep DANGEROUS HACKERS at bay
-Code CUSTOM SCRIPTS to AUTOMATE repetetive browser tasks
-INSTRUCT basic *PRIVATE or GROUP* technical classes for many programs/platforms
-BUILD, MANTAIN, or OVERHAUL your business or personal website
-Install FASTER memory chips, drive(s), or processor(s) (even a whole new motherboard!)

...all while completely TOPLESS for YOUR ENJOYMENT!

This LUSCIOUS, SLIM & BUSTY *32D-endowed* geek girl is WELL-QUALIFIED to solve VIRTUALLY ANY computer-related HARDWARE, SOFTWARE, OR NETWORKING problem you're faced with. Why pay top dollar to some stinky old tech monkey when you can have a SEXY GIRL--with fabulous, all-natural, and (best of all!) *NEKKID tits*--fix it instead?

Serious inquiries only! Please email toplesstechie at mistresslydia.com for pic and rates...make sure to describe the nature of your technical requirements, including phone contact info and times to call/desired hours of service. Sorry, guys--NO SEX.

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