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The term "loveseat" should illicit enchantment more than it does in our ordinary, mundane world. After all, we often spend so much time, resting our weary bodies on it, either conversing about our day with loved ones, observing our favorite sitcoms on the magical entertainment box, solving the mysteries of Final Fantasy, or merely cozying up with a vibrant best-selling journey on a frozen November Saturday with a mug almost spilling with hot, spicy cider.

This loveseat has been witness to many good times. While the original owners were unknown, its last masters were a bright-eyed young couple from Virginia, who with two dogs in tow, voyaged across the country to experience life in California. Their ability to negotiate the inner bastions of Craigslist, led them to uncover this sofa in their year-long excursion to furnish their modest apartment. On this loveseat they spent some of their happiest memories in our great state.

Alas, the economy turned and fell like a long pasta noodle cooked beyond al dente splattering against the wall, and the young couple had to retreat to the dank, desolate, scabies-infested wasteland known as Frostberg, Maryland. (Yup. It's a real place.)

Neglected in the mad dash to sell their wares was this ever-loved seat. Or perhaps it was not neglect as much as that there wasn't enough time to find a suitable parent. So this contempo-style, well-built couch, though slightly soiled from the couple's rambunctious hounds, has sat quietly in the dark garage of the apartment it once dwelled in for the last four months.

It emits no rancor scent and the bold-striped upholstery is fully in-tact. The cushions are full and firm eager to offer support even for the most complex anatomy, and its 55-inch wide frame forms a welcoming divan for anyone needing to recuperate after a challenging day. With some love and attention (or a spiffy new sofa cover from Bed, Bath & Beyond), this loveseat is destined to provide many more years of emotional treasure seeking and soothing repose.

The value of this sofa is priceless, and so is the cost (that means it's free, plebian). Please help us find a new home for it. Just contact us and bring your vehicle of choice to pick it up (M-F, 9AM-8PM).

PS - I'm available for contract copywriting jobs as well (not free).

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