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I understand that in the current economic climate jobs are scarce. But I am looking for an open position in the Action Figure arts. As my attached resume indicates , I am highly skilled in the field of action figures. I can make them do all sorts of kicks and punches. I can make really cool sound effects. I can act out scenes from movies, or make up my own scenes... I'm totally flexible.

If your company has any positions open that require my skill set, please don't hesitate to contact me.



Todd Blankenship
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Title: Action Figure Guru


I have extensive experience playing with action figures of all types, including 12" action figures. My specialty is in 3.25" figures with multiple pivot points.


GI Joe (1982-1989)
· Created numerous explosion and gun sound effects
· Creative use of foot-pegs for sustained positions
· Simulated a number of martial-arts type kicks and punches
· Utilized Lego's and blocks to create structures

Star Wars (1980-1987)
· Ability to work with multiple accessories
· Created blaster and speeder bike sounds, assisted with light saber effects
· Compensated for minimal pivot points
· Successful simulation of final Luke/Vader confrontation

Transformers (1984-1988)
· Facilitated communication between Autobots and Decepticons
· Experienced with Dinobots, as well as traditional Transformers
· Successfully transformed each figure into a robot and back again

Temp Work:

· Tron (1981)
· A-Team (1984)
· Mask (1985-1986)
· Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors (1985)
· Go-Bots (1984)
· Voltron (1984-1985)
· He-Man (1984)

Additional Skills:

I am skilled in all play environments - including sandbox, tanbark, urban, dirt, bathtub, kitchen bowls, and couches with cushions removed, blanket-caves, etc.

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