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My cat is a CAT BURGLAR - Are you missing anything?

Since we moved into our new home in December 2001, our cat Itty Bitty has been bringing us presents from the neighborhood. When she brings things into the yard she lets us know by letting out the strangest meow (that sounds like her meow is broken). Unless it is in the middle of the night we usually go out to see what she has brought to us. In the morning my kids go out to see what she brought home in the night. She has stolen stuffed animals (brand new baby's stuffed bear with tags still attached, an Elmo beanie baby), women's and boy's socks (usually one at a time - but now she is bringing sets folded together, 30 or more), gloves (bike gloves, workman's gloves, kid's gloves), hats (Stanford Class of 1999, baseball cap, fishing hat), sponges, towels, small pillow (ironically that reads "WHAT PART OF MEOW DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND"), boy's shorts (at least 3 pairs), boy's underwear (many pairs, many sizes), bike shorts, women's shirt, dish scrubbers, curlers, women's underwear (at least 3 pairs), puppets, kid's shoes, belts, ropes, rags, bathing suits, swimming trunks, plastic bags, etc. The list goes on and on. If you live near me, (Campbell border - Ravenscourt Ave.) and you are missing any of these items, please email me. I have pictures and I have saved all the items (they fill up a large box). Oh yeah, the Campbell Reporter Newspaper heard about our kleptocat and is publishing a story about her that should be in this week or next week's paper.

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