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Hey everybody...
I was looking for 18-25 year old women with whom to maybe do some thumb wrestling. I've been thumb wrestling for a long time... since I was about nine years old, I'd say, but only recently have I realized that it's probably better to do this sort of thing naked, and with young women.
My reasoning: Many times, in thumb wrestling, people will use illegal methods to gain an edge. A good example of this is the "sleeve," in which a ripe young brunette reaches back with her thumb and uses her sleeve to blanket her handsome, well-educated opponent's thumb, thereby rendering it blind.
This has happened to me too many times, and I simply don't want to deal with it anymore. It's childish.
So, I'm thinking, we get rid of our clothes, and thereby nullify all chances of cheating. It would be completely non-sexual, although it might be a good idea to oil each other up in some way, so that there's less friction in the actual thumb wrestling. It's a sport where chafing can happen, and you can never be too careful.
Anyway, if you're very attractive and 18-25, let me know if you're into the naked, platonic thumb wrestling.


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