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SF Femme Hotties: I feel your pain ladies, and I'm going to try and help you.
Clueless SF Butchlings (that are into Femmes): I'm going to lecture you for a moment. Brace yourself.

Seriously people, it kills me.

Why? Because if I was a butch, I'd get endless amounts of ass. SF Butch girls (who are into femmes) have it way easy (in my eyes). The scene is set up for them to stand in a corner and have alpha femmes line up to give them wicked hot blow jobs. They don't even have to have fancy hair product or vintage belt buckles (although those accessories help). *boggled* If I was a butch, I'd really try and work that scenario. Femmes like it when you approach them. Most femmes in sf like butches. Your odds are so sweet, that it's ridiculous. I mean..if you get ass without trying..think about how much booty you'd knock if you actually took a moment/risk to hit on a bitch.

What is stopping your lazy ass? What? Are you too busy watching Gilmore Girls? Don't come whining to me when you haven't had sex in 3 months. I'll call you a panty waister to your fucking face. Who's fault is that? ack! Bloody panty waisters, I tell you.

Listen up: you need to take a chance now and then. Unless you have some hideous tick that makes you scream "ugly" at hot women, your odds are too good to ignore. You could have 3 arms, a unibrow, a peg leg, with a tattoo of your ex gf on your forehead...and still get fucked by hot femmes in this city. I'm serious!!!

..and don't give me that "I'm too shy," crap. Buy a fucking audio cassette tape on ego and 12 step your way to more pussy. You have the opportunity to get as much pink plush as your little butchling heart desires. Please take advantage of your butch privilege. ..as it just pisses off those who aren't in the power position.

Don't get me wrong, I have my share of success stories:)...it's just that the scene is not set up for alpha gal/high femmes that covet other pushy high femmes. It's set up for your lazy butch ass. Doesn't getting laid on a regular basis sound fucking sweet to you? Get on it, kid-o. And stop crying to everyone on CraigsList.

Put on a (clean) vintage top and hot jeans. Get a cut. Pack with your good dick. Buy some fucking hair product. Style your goddamn hair. Put a pen & pad of paper in your back pocket. Go to the Lexington. Walk up to the hottest girl in the bar, and ask to buy her a drink. The worst thing she could do is say no. Once you're talking to her, don't talk about your fucking exs. Studies have been done about flirting ya know. urm. Like if you sit close to a woman and move your face closer to hers as you're talking..and you continue eye contact..you can generally kiss a girl/same day you met her. It's all about timing. I think statistically 4 out of 5 girls in a bar don't stop/smack you..something ridiculous like that. They'll just be impressed by your forward approach and allow the kiss to take place.

Ok. I'm done with this lecture. Don't let me catch you whining on craigs list about how no femmes talk to your lazy ass.

If any femmes (who like butches) have anything to add to this, please feel free to comment. This post is aimed at your demographic of choice. Help them help you. xoxoxox

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