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We are a weary group of travellers, forever doomed to wander the seas and never touch land again because of an ancient curse. Are we alive or dead? We don't know. We are caught in limbo, an eternal middleground between this life and the next. All of us have in our pasts unspeakeable misdeeds. If we were to relate these to you, they would turn your blood ice cold in terror. The atmosphere here is one of intense and prolonged regret, sadness, and finally a malaise brought on by helplessness. Colors that once were bright and bold to us have long since turned to shades of gray, mists and smoke enveloping all. Time and its divisions no longer hold any meaning for us when confronted with our eternal cursed state.

You would need to get in on the curse immediately (we are not looking for a short-term or temporary roommate). The available room is small, a nook next to the main cargo hold large enough for your bunk and storage locker (furnishings incl.). We share the jobs of swabbing the deck, rigging the sails, etc, but we're fairly laid-back about how clean we keep the place or where our wandering leads us. Actually right now cobwebs and grime have overrun the place, and nobody seems to mind so much. Lots of extra storage available. Move in right away. Prefer no pets, but we may be flexible on parrots/3-legged blind dogs. Our costs are low since we cannot die.

To contact us, look out to sea under the light of the midnight moon. We may appear semi-transparent to the eyes of the living. We'll be in the bay area for another couple of weeks at least. Thanks!

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