Originally Posted: 2003-07-08 2:34pm
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Dear Kimba,

As you are aware I truly enjoy having you around and appreciate the fact that you never give me any pushback on any of my life decisions, are always pleased to see me, and although you leave your white fur in every room, nook, and crevice of our house without cleaning up after yourself, I have no issue with that. I do have a question though. When you stare at me relentlessly all day long with those dark brown eyes and that pink nose, with your body comfortably positioned across your big pillow in the area in my home office in a spot on the floor that ensures a clear vantage point of all my activities, what exactly are you waiting for? Is a walk on your agenda? Are you hoping I will do something entertaining? Do you think a large steak or tuna fillet may appear in front of you if you stare long enough? Have you noticed after 3 years of staring at me all day that this strategy to procure high end people food has not worked? Or maybe you are trying to tell me something telepathically and eye contact is key... Yes, something is brewing in that fast moving canine brain that sees the world in shades of black and white. I wonder Kimba. I just wonder.


Your obedient master

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