Originally Posted: 2005-10-02 2:00pm

favorite this post Dearest Sponge..

Dearest Sponge,

I don't know how many ways I can let you know that the time has come for us to part ways.. Didn't you get the hint when I tossed you into the garbage those 5 times? But yet every day I wake up and there you are AGAIN...Did you jump out of the garbage can? Or did you convince someone else in the house you were still worthy of being part of this home....i mean it is not like I hate you or anything like that you pulled your weight around here.. cleaning all those places that nobody else would dare to go too.. And still even after the little incident in the toilet you were there for me ... But now this is getting scary.. last night when I went to use the facilities I step on something slightly wet I jump back to see what it was and there you were .. Looking innocent on the rug.. are you stalking me? I thought the only way to finally let you know how I feel is through this board.. HELL everyone reads it right? why not you? I've found a new home for you .. As of this evening you will bunking with the neighbors dog Cujo..he I know will give you the much wanted attention you seem to be wanting and don't worry about us .. we have found someone else to fill your place his name is Toilet Brush ..

fondly yours,
Your house mate..

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