Originally Posted: 2005-08-10 1:44am

favorite this post Goddamnit, Craig. Keep Up! Update Best Of.

What the hell is going on? No new Best Of since July 11th? Do you have any idea what this is doing to me?

*It's been 4 weeks since I have snorted orange juice out of my nose, onto my monitor and keyboard. I am starting to miss the burn.

*I haven't dragged a bible-thumping coworker over to my desk to mortify them with copious amounts of cursing and sex-gone-wrong in 29 days. I am starting to look like the good girl of the office. This is not acceptable.

*For almost a month, I have had no stories to horrify my mother with. When I make her read Best Of, she claps a hand over her mouth in offense and disbelief and then starts giggling like a Special Olympian. Since she doesn't often have a lot to smile about, this is especially good. Hear that? CRAIG...you make my mother giddy!

Please, Craig. Hear my plea. *Please* update Best Of. Like NOW. Do it for my sinuses, the die-hard Baptist and most importantly, my poor ungiggly mother. I beg of you...

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