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Quick background - I live in a very small house with a tiny kitchen and because of that, counter space is precious. So, when I purchased my toaster oven, rather than buying the cheapest model available, I stepped it up a notch and got one for $10 more which had the glorious ability to be mounted under a cabinet. I likewise bought the fancy bracket required to attach it. (Oh, how hopeful and naive I was back then!)

More than a year later the toaster oven remains stubbornly sitting on my countertop, hogging much-needed space. I've tried to install it, my brother has tried to install it, friends have tried to install it, and my ex-boyfriend has tried to install it, all to no avail. There it remains, firmly planted on the counter, defying its true airborne nature.

It finally occurred to me that I was looking at this situation all wrong. Maybe it isn't about the screws or the brackets or drilling the holes in the right places. Maybe the toaster oven is trying to tell me something. All of a sudden I saw it from a mythical perspective. Like King Arthur wrenching the sword from the stone, like Cinderella fitting the glass slipper, like Will Parry wielding the subtle knife, perhaps my toaster oven can ONLY be installed by the man meant for me.

If you think you might be that man, please write.

(Yes, I am serious. Who jokes about appliances?) Must have own tools, as mine are useless in this particular endeavor.

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