Originally Posted: 2005-05-13 1:13pm

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This sweet white teddy bear is holding a heart. BUT IS A LIE! You can unzip the heart, and put stuff in there, But, Like the girl who gave it to me, the heart is EMPTY. VOID OF ANYTHING. Now the bear just makes me sad. Is it a cursed talisman of impending doom? Or is it just a teddy bear with an empty heart like myself? Who knows! Find out for your self. You could also put your weed or stash in the heart. Who am I to judge? what cop would look into this sad bears heart? Anyway. I can't BEAR to look at it (HAHAHAHA! WOO! FUNNY!) anymore. This isn't spam. Just a true story about a teddy bear. Maybe an editorial Actually, this is my attempt to be funny. It is an actual teddy bear from Hallmark.... A little dusty. Free.

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