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favorite this post All Right, Just Take the Damn Fireplace!!

You've broken me.

I asked $100, then $75, then (pathetically) make an offer.

Answered lots of questions. But no one came.

Meanwhile, the wife is like, "When is that thing going to be out of the garage?!"

I don't care anymore. Hear that, you cheap trolling CL bastards??

So just take it. The specs are below, taken verbatim from the first utter failure of a post I made a month or so ago:

"This is a large gas fireplace, not an insert. No existing firebox needed with this thing, though of course you need a flue. As you can see, it has two hinged glass doors and a screen, plus a log set that is actually pretty good looking. We took this out of our home when we knocked down a wall to make a great room. It is 15 years old, and doesn't seem to have been used very much--the interior is quite clean.

Since this is an open fireplace, it doesn't do a great job of heating a large space. However, the radiant heat when it is on is quite nice, and the flames are adjustable up to a big roaring fire.

There is a blower inside this thing, but as far as I could tell, it wasn't worth turning on (i.e. more noise than heat). Maybe you will know how to make these things work better than I ever did.

Dimensions are as follows:

--Fireplace: 4' wide, 3'4" tall, 2'2" deep (requires 3/4" clearance)

--Firebox: approx. 3' wide and 1'10" high in front, 1'7" deep.

You will need a buddy or two with you to load this thing."

Email me if you want it. First to get here when we are here gets it. Whee.

I'm not going to tell you any more about it, or help you load it, or show you how this fits that or anything. I'm going to open the garage and point, then shuffle back to my morning beer.

Because I'm a sad and beaten man, and I'm so very tired.

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