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We're from two different worlds, you and I. I work at Tullys, you work at Starbucks. It could never work out. Our lives are just too different. You guys make 'frappacinos', we make 'spins'. Your coffee is dark italian roast, while ours is a medium dark city roast. You guys have the whole green thing going. We're apples and oranges babe, oil and water. But, I admit, when I see you pulling shots from your La Marzocco, I think for a moment, maybe, just maybe, it could work. Then I realize I'm a fool. What brand of double tall non-fat hazelnut latte extra hot no foam would our children drink? No, it's better that we stay within our seperate worlds. I'll date nice Tullys girls, you'll find a great Starbucks guy, we'll both be happier this way. Let's save ourselves the heartache.

this is in or around Seattle

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