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To my unknown attacker and her feline assault weapon:
I doubt you will ever see this, but let me begin by saying that I am truly sorry, but I simply did not know that D was your lover and partner as she had led me to believe otherwise. She did tell me that she had a female roomate, but I didn't realize that you two were a couple. Hell, she never even told me that she was a lesbian. I am truly sorry that you walked into the bedroom to find D naked lying naked on what I now guess is both of yours bed, lying on her stomache with a pillow under her, her ass spread wide and my face hungarily eating her ass and pussy from behind. Imagine my schock to find you hovering over us with that 20 pound tom in your hands and screaming obscentities at us. Sorry I didn't catch your name as you flung that fur ball with sharp claws at my face and sorry I didn't catch it as I backed out of your house bleeding and stumbling. Nothing that a little hydrogen peroxide can't take care.
I want you to know I am truly sorry for all of that. I hope the cat didn't get hurt either when you threw it at my face or when I had throw it off me to keep my eyes from being clawed out. By the way, I didn't get the spooked feline's name either.
I also want you to know that this was certainly my CL NIGHTMARE! I hope you two are able to get over this - D is very sweet and I want you to know that this was the one and only time. If I ever see you on the street, please know I will cross the street out of your way - especially if you have the cat with you.
I understand your anger, but you hit me as a very angry person in general - I hope that is not the case and can repair things with D - she's a beautiful woman.

Just so you know, this was our only time. A couple of months ago, I placed an ad looking for a woman who liked to be orally pleasured, particularly her backside with no reciprocation expected. Anyway, she responded and seemed to be the only sane, normal and decent one. So, we met for a drink a couple of times, talked a couple of times before you caught us. So, it really was the only the one time. Hope you forgive her.

Anyway, please know that this was a complete CL NIGHTMARE for me too. It was the first time for me too and whoa, what a fucking disaster.

this is in or around Seattle

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