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Offering full time employment for trap door snails

I have two smallish container ponds on my deck that could use some maintenance workers (I like to think of them like the guys at the apartment complex that come around and keep things tidy)
I heard trap door snails are the best at this (I think they're certified and college educated in waste management) and can live outside year round (hearty and strong like Alaskan men!Don't be gettin cold or nothin)
I found a place online where I can order them but you have to order them by the dozen (like day workers they like to get their friends a job too!!) But I only need like three or four...
Also I hear they reproduce rather quickly (see previous reference to Alaskan men...) and quite frankly I don't want that going on in front of the fish, they've been carefully selected so as to not have little fishies.... I think it's cruel... The snails be playin Marvin Gaye.... breakin out the wine coolers but.... None for you fish!!!.... Harsh.
So if you have some hard workers looking for new digs please let me know... I'll give them free room and board and all the algae they can stomach (do they have stomachs? I've never asked.... seemed forward)
Preferably close to Olympia as I hear they are terrible back seat drivers and hate long drives.
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