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FREE! Go Pro Hero 3+ Black and SPOT GPS Gen 3 and case of beer

Yes it's real.

I'm giving away a free Go Pro Hero 3+ Black with all the accessories... and a Spot GPS.

All you need to do is find them and give me back the footage...

I sent them up on a helium balloon and my gps tracked them for a bit. On it's decent I tracked it near Mount Baker

These are it's last known coordinates:
0-2436620 21/05/2014 13:18 1400678337 49.27393 -123.20114 SPOT3 TRACK
0-2436620 21/05/2014 13:28 1400678938 49.27393 -123.20122 SPOT3 TRACK
0-2436620 21/05/2014 13:38 1400679537 49.2795 -123.23497 SPOT3 TRACK
0-2436620 21/05/2014 16:25 1400689506 49.02835 -122.21693 SPOT3 TRACK
0-2436620 21/05/2014 16:34 1400690074 48.96422 -122.06235 SPOT3 TRACK
0-2436620 21/05/2014 16:44 1400690674 48.93604 -121.93108 SPOT3 TRACK
0-2436620 21/05/2014 16:54 1400691275 48.914 -121.85872 SPOT3 TRACK

I wasn't able to located it at the final coordinate, which most likely means it continued on that trajectory for a maximum of 10 minutes and flipped upside down causing it to be unable to transmit it's final location to satellite.

If you can track down the final resting place of the 36" bright orange parachute and get it back to me they are yours to keep plus I'll give you all the accessories. I just want the footage.

Maybe you know where to get recent satellite imagery and extrapolate a landing area from the data. Maybe you like crazy wilderness adventures and fighting off bears.
Maybe you really like free beer

If you find it but dont want to trek out to it let me know and we can sort out an exchange... or bring it all back to me in Kit's and the deed is yours :)

email me with any questions


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