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Goddamn - Some of you really know how to screw up a Casual Encounter! - m4w

Over the last seven or eight years I've taken in more stray pussy than the Humane Society, and had a hell of a good time doing it. It's really NOT that hard, but some of you out there seem intent on making a Casual Encounter into much more than it is.

I'm talking to you, Mr. and Mr's "Jump Through A Bunch Of Ridiculous Hoops And Invest More Time And Effort To Get Laid Than You Do At Work". I see your posts time and time and time again, and your complaints that you haven't met the right person. Well... fucking duh. Nobody that's hot, hung, and able to get laid with ease is going to spend weeks seducing your wife, or want to exchange one hundred emails with you going over your entire life history and your likes and dislikes and what your favorite type of food and color are for Christ sake. The fact that you seem upset or stymied over the fact that you get shit responses is hilarious to me. Only someone who is so desperate to get laid that they'll jump through all your hoops and deal with all your shit is going to respond.

The rest of us? We get it done in a couple emails. Use the K.I.S.S. Method: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Put up a post that's detailed, but not a fucking novel. Include your stats, your location, your availability, and your hosting situation. Put several clear, nice photos of your body so your respondents know what you have to work with. Women - close up cropped tit shots suck - if you're a BBW there's noting wrong with it. Own it. Post your whole body. Men - manscape motherfuckers! Seriously. And take a well lit shot, not some shitass flash reflecting in the mirror shit with a pile of crap in the background behind you. Ask for detailed information in your replies: stats (age, height, weight, race, length/girth, cup size, etc.) location, availability, hosting situation, and so on.

When you get a reply, respond back in a timely manner. Six hours later or tomorrow is not timely. If you put the fucking ad up, then keep track of it. Nobody wants to wait on you.

If after you receive a response and you're interested - and this is the part that everybody fucks up the most - then fucking cut the shit with the next fifteen emails you want to exchange and go meet somewhere. Somewhere public. Go get a coffee. Or a beer. If you're not interested, that's fine. You part ways. No biggie. If you are? Well then go about making plans to fuck.

Jesus people. Some of you want to spend forever and a day on this shit. What the fuck for? It's pussy and cock for crying out loud. Not a college major or a marriage proposal.

Shit or get off the pot.

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