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SO. OK. Iím trying to get rid of some of my junk (hereto now referred to as ďStuffĒ). All this Stuff is in good condition. Iíve gotten some emails but whenever I had someone claim the Stuff, they freaking flaked on me. FLAKED. Now, the first time someone flaked on me, I was like ďOK. Fine. They donít want my feather boa/Hello Kitty lunch box/mini-radio thingy? I can deal.Ē But this Ďflakingí has been going on for quite some time now. Previously, I was offering said items for free but I think maybe thatís just too easy for some people. So, hereís what Iím asking in return for the items of your choice:

- old red fedora (I bought this in Santa Cruz when I was in my hat wearing phase): I want to learn how to say this phrase (Damn baby youíre so fine, please kiss me now. NOW!) in ANY LANGUAGE OTHER THAN ENGLISH. Please donít be tricky and teach me another phrase.

You must pick up these items yourself. Sorry but I donít have pictures. Now I know youíre all going ďWHAT?! Why the hell should I make the effort of complying with your demands if I donít even know what this Stuff looks like?!Ē Well, if you show up and decide that you want the stuff but didnít draw me a picture/get me a candy bar/etc., it's all good. In other words, itís free.

Serious inquiries only. Iím not a big computer geek so I canít unleash any wicked computer virus on your internet surfing ass or whatever BUT I will burn a huge candle of bad-ass karma in your honor. Dude, this stuff is (practically) free. Please please please donít waste my time by claiming it and then never picking it up, while I wait in my apartment watching the day go by, cursing your existence and leaving my Stuff to sit in the dark, cold, lonely corner of my living room. That being said, if these items do not find their way into the hands of new owners, they will be up for donation by Saturday, June 12. Thanks so much for any interest and I hope you have a nice day!

this is in or around Capitol Hill

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