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Odd Company ISO R&D Personal Assistant Troublemaker, Sir

Eccentric pseudo-exec*, et al, seeking to hire something along the lines of a live-in personal ASSISTANT, to do THE STUFF, help make things happen and keep us all moving at top speed 24/7. This will require doing STUFF negotiably 3 or 4 days/wk, in exchange for the EXTRAS.
(see below for descriptions.)

*only in this case THE GUY is an executive who keeps a different kind of company.

[THE GUY]------------------------------------------------

competent builder & mechanic
shrewd capitalist
classically educated and 'of means'
eccentric absolutist
trained pressman and photographer
licenced race driver
certified bon vivant & troublemaker, who has a lot of time to make trouble, and knows how to spend it vigorously & efficiently
with a interesting, fairly conventional background and quirky worldview that somehow matches
who finds new interests and hobbies, and attacks them methodically like a hunter or assassin, digs in and sucks them dry until he's bored again, and so must be fed frequently

[THE STUFF]----------------------------------------------

Routine duties will include but not limit themselves to housecleaning, laundry & menu-planning/cooking/grocery-buying.

Non-routine duties will include lots of errand running, internet research, phone-calls, successfully tracking down the nonexistant, creating and filing useless and useful forms, home-improvement projects, computer systems maintenance & improvement, managing the errant sysadmin, etc.

Other things that might occupy you?...
Organizing urban games, events, and (im)practical jokes.
Arranging photoshoots in the woods (ie, how to get interesting models, smart props, unique clothing, correct lighting, food & bev for all, and random machettes or fans or paint or????, PLUS contingency ALL up into the woods at the SAME TIME...).
Driving things cross-country (printing presses, persons, personal computers, etc).
Restoring a 1950's Volvo 445 from mossy to blingin.
Sourcing very particular things (chinese puzzle boxes, machine screws with unusual thread pitches, an English version of Red Flag Linux, illustrators with very specific training and rates, short-run high-res fabric printing, the Clapper (tm) for less than 30$ per, etc etc etc)
Hiring a good architect who will work for free.

[THE EXTRAS]-----------------------------------------------

enjoy living the good life, fine wine, fast cars, bling.
some version of room and board, plus a small stipend
an entertaining and definitively unreal world to hide in; like living in an episode of Sealab2021.
access to the diverse resources and know-how of 'the Company'.

[THE ASSISTANT]----------------------------------------------------

the sort of person who draws friends from diverse places
has access to some unexpected places
has peculiar areas of interest that sometimes come in handy
connoisseur in food and drink and the discriminating enjoyment of them
enjoys cooking and eating all kinds of foods
logistical mastermind
not just superior phone skills, but excellent social engineering skills, and a periodic urges to use them
must have a big ass, out from which to always be pulling new shit
must have a positive personal appearance.
ideal candidate is capable of both gravity and levity, and has often been accused of using them at the wrong times, even tho you weren't

Job location is seattle

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