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If your son or daughter has been begging for an in-home piano so as to avoid the tiny, funky-smelling practice rooms at school, this is not your piano. If you cherish Glen Gould's fingers on a Steinway grand, this is definitely not your piano. But if you don't care about technicalities like, say, notes being in tune or fully functioning black and white keys, I have your instrument.

This small-scale upright piano is about four feet long and two feet deep, and is painted fire-engine red. Rumor has it that this piano was originally installed in Tacoma's historic Pantages Theater, but whether you buy that depends on your willingness to believe that the mark "Dittman" was ever an illustrious movie house piano. It's in decent physical shape, but there is a burn mark on the top surface, most likely from where its previous owner left an opium pipe.

No, it doesn't sound good playing Fur Elise or the Moonlight Sonata. But it's extremely heavy, and I bet it'll make a wonderful thunk/plong/crash noise when it lands. Or perhaps with some love and care, you can restore it and I'll see you pounding away on it as frontperson for the next big Seattle band. I'm pulling for you. Really.

I love this piano, but sadly, I'm moving to a 2nd floor apartment with no elevator. If I want to get it inside, it will need to be crane and pulleyed up through the window. I have seen too many cartoons to think this is a good idea.

You must be able to come pick it up on Queen Anne by Friday, June 23. Also, you must bring some strong folks to help you load it into your catapult. You must aim the catapult away from my apartment as I am hoping to get my deposit back.

Email me and we'll talk details. First come, first serve.

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