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1. Abstract of Experiment.

You would like to go on a date with me.

2. Introduction.

Hi, my name is Theresa.

2.1. Appearance.

I am about 5í5Ē tall. I have dark brown hair, and blue/green eyes.
I weigh approximately 115 pounds and I have no outstanding warrants for my arrest. Please note that, while my hair is approximately its natural color at present, it is liable to change three or four times a year.


2.2. Personality and Stuff.

I am a law student at the University of San Diego. I am also a pianist, guitarist, soon-to-be violinist, tennis player, and cold-blooded killer who dabbles in drawing, painting and photography.
I'm not a frequent gym patron, but I'm always up for a game of tennis, bowling or darts. I am playful and tricky (much like a hyena), but I can also be timid at times (like a tree frog). And, I can also be silently deadly at times (like a poisonous tree frog). But, mostly, Iím just a human.

2.3. Things I Do and Don't.

I often read books or go to incredibly awesome concerts. Iím starting to cook more, and I used to be a DJ. Lately, I've been very busy with my law school studies but Iím augmenting the hard stuff with some diversionary classes: modern dance, music composition and an acting class. I taught some kids some crap over the summer, and I just bought a brand new, silver Mazda 3!


I like to enjoy a few drinks, but I really donít care for smoking (pretty gross). So, if you do have something to drink, I'll probably be happy to drink the same thing, whether itís Two-Buck Chuck or a strange martini. Although Iím not playing that much tennis right now, Iíll hopefully be playing more and more as time passes.


3. Hypothesis.

You are going to ask me out on a date soon.

4. Experiment.

4.1. Materials.

I am extremely picky about my dates/potential future mate, and place higher value on intelligence, sense of humor, your great taste in music and the fact that you donít still live with your mom, as opposed to your abs, pecs or the size of your wee-wee. (although being a really terribly hot drummer or something wonít hurt you). I'm particularly looking for someone who has interests, passions, and the courage to follow them for as long as it takes. If I'm interested in dating you, I'll probably want to see you several times a week, even if it's just once during the week, and once or twice on the weekends - maybe weíll go out to lunch on a Tuesday or a Thursday, and Iíll wear something really cute Ė I might wear some of my really cute boots.
You should know words like spank, homework and pandemonium, and phrases like "multiple orgasm," and "Iím in this place called Ďclass.í" It would be a grave blow to our potential romantic relationship if you like listening to Kenny G, or if you look like Kenny G, or if you also kill people for a living (because weíd be competing for marks, and that would make things a bit strainedÖ although if you really do kill people for a living, it still might work, as long as they are all bad people, or if you work outside the San Diego metro area.

4.2. Things We Can Do Together.

We can go to a really rockiní concert, play tennis, or see a movie. Or you can show me some of your artwork, or play me a few of your favorite albums (or get out an instrument and play me a song you wrote). Or we can just go out for coffee. Or better yet, we could go out to Bobís Big Boy for Hot Fudge Cake.

5. Conclusions / Unanswered Questions.

Iím even cuter than these illustrations suggest. You should e-mail me. Where have I been all your life? I like hot fudge cake.

this is in or around Linda Vista

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