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Bi curioius? I can help... - w4w

Looking for your first time? I'm a good looking, slim, blonde, femme lesbian and I'm ready to help! I'll even let your husband/boyfriend watch...

when my self esteem tanks to the extent that Im willing to bastardize my own soul and orientation, cheapen the most beautiful expression of love two people can share, scar my psyche, and exploit the community I hold dear. Yep, when that time comes Ill be totally ready to help you pathetic bored housewives explore your 'bi curious' side. I'll even get on board when you are not interested in pussy at all, but instead are attempting to display sexual open-mindedness in your sad attempt to hold on to the skank you call a man.

In the meantime, do you mind leaving me alone? You could start by staying off internet boards dedicated to women who love women. Oh, and do you mind not
showing up at my bars? You may have noticed how most gays welcome and enjoy our straight friends at gay clubs. They are the men and women included in our dances, drink-rounds, conversation, and laughter. You, in the corner, looking sleezy, we ignore. Make no mistake, you are not invisible, we see you, we know what you are trying to do. we are ignoring you. Sometimes the laughter is about you.

So, when I, or any other lesbian are ready, we'll let you know. Oh, and by the way, when that time comes, I hope you and your man are ready to get fisted
to my elbow because although I look like a lady, I'll take your tonsils out, the hard way.

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