Originally Posted: 2004-08-27 2:17pm

favorite this post Two Free Cannibal Goldfish

Free Cannibal Goldfish...

They seem like regular goldfish... they sort of look like this...

Innocent looking... But little do you know... they ate 2 black moors, 1 lionhead goldfish, 1 calico telescope, 1 bottom feeder, 2 ghost shrimp, and 1 snail.

I thought they died of natural deaths at first, but after my last calico telescope goldfish died, it became apparent why these two delinquents are always the last man standing... THEY'VE BEEN PICKING AT THEIR FISH-FRIENDS!!

Please! Take them, but leave them in their own tank! They'll be ready to be picked up starting Monday (August 30th) Please have your own method of transporting them. (a bottle... whatever). I'll provide the net to catch those murderers.

this is in or around UTC

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