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re: old bitches

Life's a bitch, ain't it?

You're missing a few stitches in your skull surgery. Maybe I can be of help:

1. Women do not age to piss you off. Rubber bozo dolls do not age as quickly; try one of those.

2. They do not live to please you; they just live. Age and the changes in their bodies catch them off guard too and they cope. Some get surgeries; some are charming enough that they don't need them.

3. They probably care about quality of life and so they may take care of themselves. They love the feel of their muscles and are happy for the energy they feel and that clothes fit well. They are not competing in a contest for your approval.

4. You're not as charming or attractive as you think you are. A young hottie may want...a young hottie.

5. You're getting older too. Hopefully, you do not get prostate cancer and can no longer get an erection. Who's going to love you then in your sex-obsessed life? You wanted a nympho and now you can't deliver. Now what good are you?

6. We meet you "tittie" guys all the time and feel sorry for your stupid simpleness. You're all the same - hanging out drinking beer with other guys (not women) and getting all skanky and talking about "titties" and acting as if the women who cross your pathetic paths are in a beauty pageant for your assessment. Truth be told? We are happy when you are not attracted to us. REALLY, really happy. We know you are lousy companions with less than zero to offer to make an interesting daily relationship. Zzzzzzzzzz.

You've stopped reading, haven't you? A 3-D woman with a brain is boring. And the young, wild "girls" no longer cry over you the way they did when you were a boy of summer or a teen idol. It's the Al Bundy syndrome.

The really "lucky" men have known someone that was so intriguing and special that he's happy she's still breathing. A disfiguring car accident, disease, or old age cannot blind him to that irreplaceable soul he would never trade for anything. And, if she left too soon, he would gladly give his man parts to have her back again and spends nights hoping that it's possible to be with her again after his life is over.

Being presented with a younger, cheaper imitation of the real thing is just not acceptable. And he's daring enough to stay true to that 'til the end of his life...he's not desperate. Maybe he meets someone new? Maybe not. Anyone new would have to be as interesting or more so.

So, us aging broads get it. We just feel sorry for you that you have obviously missed a crucial developmental, quality stage of life and are forever trapped in Disneyland. Most of us outgrew that phase. Good luck with the hotties - may they never grow old or seem unsatisfyingly immature to you.

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