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ok. so i don't know really how to go about this.

basically, i was your one night stand last night and need my most important idem of clothing back--> my bra.

so yes, i was totally fine with the fact that when i left this morning we didn't exchange phone numbers (or names...); no big deal. but once i got home and sobered up, i realized, that we maybe should have because i left my bra at your house.

first off, i want to get something clear. this is no victoria secret-esq type bra. this is an imported good were talking about. princess tam tam-french lingerie.

ok. specifics about you. (what i remember.) they are not going to be too specific because my friends are on this all the time and think i took a cab home last night.

you are:
1) outrageously tall and good looking.
2) a commercial real estate broker in the downtown area, but lives in coronado with an asian friend whom i believe, was celebrating his birthday.
3) going to gaslamp saturday night.
4) really into golf, in fact went friday.
5) a fan of red gummy bears.

i am:
1) someone who obviously loves her underwear.
2) obsessed with french everything.
3) not really into children. something we have in common.
4) occasionally from time to time caught wearing my clothes inside out.
5) "anna"- (my name.)

so, where to go from here. basically, i'm willing to do whatever it takes. i can come pick it up, you can mail it to me, i can just have you leave it outside your building at a certain agreed upon time. what ever.

i hope to god you don't feel weird about this, because i don't. i obviously didn't leave it there on purpose. like i said, i'm not looking for you to take me out or call me. for god's sake, i'm resorting to craigslist for a grey bra. it's just a super cute one and i want it back. plus, it doesn't seem like you'll use it. you just didn't come off as that type.

please people. if this is you, or sounds like someone you know who fits this "john doe" profile, please contact me.

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