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Vintage Camper -1962 Monitor --Beautiful!

Im posting my sweet little Tea house (or what ever you want to call her) she is a 1962 Monitor with a clear title...Sleeps 4-5 ...This would be an awesome back yard get away, guest house, grand kids???, I picture a white picket fence around it..Or just take off with it and go somewhere lol.The lady that had it before had tea party's for her grand kids and they'd all get dressed up -cute idea,so many possibility.And if you wanted to change it to a more masculine camper all could be changed in no time!This has a small toilet area in the back -couch and dinette that goes into a bed,a bunk top ,-because of design it has a refrigerator, microwave, Breakfast combo set, and an electric portable stove, fry a steak,pork chops,etc. with no mess or gas to worry about -this is a must see! Monitors were made in Wakrausa Ind. ...If you can please use e-mail above or call .camper is a Monitor .small potty and storage in back ...flower boxes are removable for travel.

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