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"CrapShoot"- Killer New Outdoor Game w/Toilet

"CrapShoot"- Killer New Outdoor Game w/Toilet 1 thumbnail"CrapShoot"- Killer New Outdoor Game w/Toilet 2 thumbnail"CrapShoot"- Killer New Outdoor Game w/Toilet 3 thumbnail"CrapShoot"- Killer New Outdoor Game w/Toilet 4 thumbnail"CrapShoot"- Killer New Outdoor Game w/Toilet 5 thumbnail
Hey there, me and a couple friends have developed a fun, all weather, day and night addictive game called CrapShoot. Guys and girls, young and ancient are all encouraged to check out what you need to set up your own backyard game of luck and skill.

We're not selling you anything, we're just telling you about it so you can start having fun, and possibly starting a "league" of some sort, but that's down the road a little.
It's basics are really quite simple, not too expensive. The object of the game is trying to throw 30 flying discs (we use Wham-O 135 gr. 100 mold) 25 ft. into a standard size toilet oval, round toilet. (not elongated)
The one who gets the most discs in the toilet wins. Can be played by as many players as you want. It's great with an occasional little wager perhaps, just to make it even a little more fun and interesting. Goes great with backyard bbq's and parties. Corn Hole doesn't even come close to this at all.

What you see in these pics is a result of adding artificial grass, sidewall bricks, reflectors etc. over 3 years. You don't need all that, but I just kept adding "upgrades" as it were, because we were playing it often and just slowly kept improving things.

All you need to start, to get on the same general game basics is the toilet, (no tank necessary, and can find occasionally free on this site) 30 flying discs, (like the ones mentioned above) about 30 ft. length of yard, and maybe screen of some kind, or better yet, a clothes line with a blanket hanging on it right behind toilet to stop the missed flying discs. Several ways to throw 'em in. Whether if be straight on, arched high, slightly angled, they all work depending on your preference, style etc.

It really doesn't take much to get it started, and it's fun as hell. You'll see when you actually do it.
Contact me if you're interested and have any questions, or even ideas about this. And better yet, if you want to check it out and try it at my place in the Arden area, that may be possible, too.

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