Originally Posted: 2003-05-25 4:43pm
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You are simply too many to list individually, but I am feeling a...distance lately...

You all sure do keep some weird hours!!! I can count on at least 60 new messages from you every morning, even if I check my email right before I go to sleep. And the stuff you write is so...heartfelt. I want to particularly say thank you to "Exclusive Offer", "Xiomagra Garg", and "pnnnffnde887650@". I have seriously been reading, re-reading and evaluating your offer to increase my length by 3 inches and my girth by 45%. Thank you so much for caring. OH, and to the person who keeps sending me "S U P E R S I Z E ggflxxllwdbk gdy xy", for some reason, your name isn't showing up in the email anywhere! There must be some technical glitch somewhere...just keep trying and I promise I will add you to my address book as soon as I know what name to enter!

Now...the distance. I don't want you to think that I'm being naggy, or that I don't appreciate the constant attention, because I do! But, honestly I feel a relationship goes both ways. I have tried many times to write back to you, and for some reason, you don't reply. I understand you probably have a busy life (don't we all???), but occasionally I get the feeling that you don't really want to have a real heart-felt two-way dialogue with me. Of course, the feelings are fleeting, because no sooner than right after I finish writing to you, do you send me some new piece of loving information (thank you Nelda Werrtingisf for the info on the FREE CREDIT REPORT), and my mind is set at ease.

I'm sorry if I have been naggy or taken up any of your time, my email friends, but I felt I needed to get that off my chest. And yes, "photokicks mccall", I will go check out that "Unbelievable Web-Cam ssgtujk aguurt bgg b".

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