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Sick and tired of the rents being on your back? Parents hate your current boyfriend? Do they REFUSE to buy you a new Benz? Gotta have that new Dior bag and the rents holdin back your credit card because of bad grades? Are they pressuring you about applying to college or to get a job? Well, together we can teach your parents a lesson.

What we offer is a one of a kind – 100% fail proof way to get your parents to totally STFU!

May I please introduce to you the only sure fire way to like, OMG, totally get the rents to STFU!!

Mister Christopher Duett, aka Twig, at your service. Mr. Do-it, if you’re nasty. In addition to looking the part of the ultimate thugg – yeah with two ‘g’s cause that’s real thuggery- Mr. D can make it so that your parents never question your judgment again.

Bring him home and introduce him as your bf – even the most hippie peace loving granola eating teva sandal wearing parents who think love and world peace is the answer to everything will be horrified and shocked when Twig saunters through your geodesic dome's front door.
Bring your parents down to the depths of dispair with Twig on your arm, and then when they give you that shiny new Mercedes or new Gucci purse to break up with him – let them think they led you from this cyanide watering hole. I mean - nothing can compare - as far as bad decision making goes - to bringing this total gnar gnar burly dude home. Really set that bar of expectation low for yourself in the eyes of those from which you were spawned.
Other Uses for this Rent – A – Dude: Bring him to PROM!
Family Reunions!
What about High School Reunions!
As a Date To Your Ex-BF’s Wedding!
For a night on the town in your conservative New England Hometown!
An audience member at the Republican Convention!
The POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! Please contact us for pricing and scheduling.
If you are pleased with the reaction you receive, tell your rich friends about us. If displeased, please email us with suggestions for more face tattoos or attitude maljustments.

  • Location: Fist City!
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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