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This is a couch unlike ANY other you've ever seen, smelled, tasted or even sat on before. Equipped with superior technology known as Back Support, Super-Mega-Awesome-Couch is truly an oasis of rest, relaxation, and recuperation from all the mayhem and post apocalyptic doom outside your door. Not only can you sit on it, you can also sleep on it! Perfect for when your wife kicks you out of the bedroom for starring and drooling incessantly at that waitress. It also features Removable Cushions to enhance your experience of playing games such as 'Floor is Lava'. Now, you may be wondering, 'HOW COULD I AFFORD SUCH A MAGNIFICENT THING?!?!' Well, calm down there, Keyboard Warrior
before your burst a blood vessel. For a limited time only, this superb sitting device is a mere 1 dollar.
Cash only! Neither dogs nor David Hasselhoff are included. Second picture is slightly more accurate.
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