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PAYING FULL RETAIL PRICE! for your used widgets & whatnots

I'm the Craigslist seller's dream customer... apparently.

That Nintendo Wii that only sells for $249.98 brand new with warranty... what the heck, yours seems like such a bargain at $350 (~and~ you say it's "like new"), I'll take it!!!

What's that...? You say you're willing to "sacrifice" your late uncle's 1960's Time Life "Romantic Moods" record collection at ten dollars apiece... I'll buy them all!!!

Your child outgrew her dollhouse (losing half the pieces along the way) and now wants to sell it for exactly the same price as the iPod Nano she wants for Christmas (uncanny)... when can we meet, I'll be right over to get it?!

That lovely $75 sofa that'll be "good as new" with a little Febreeze and a slip cover thrown over it to hide the pet stains... consider it SOLD!!!

Ooh, there's that "Special Dool" listed again for only the hundreth time this month... maybe it'll sell this go round.

No picture... no problem. That generic one line ad listing you posted ("email for more info") was enough to win me over. I love playing twenty questions!!!

And speaking of games... "guess what ridiculous price I have in mind" (aka "Make Me An Offer") is my favorite!!!

I don't even mind too much that you're gonna take two weeks to answer my email... I know you're busy and have much better things to do than actually "sell" the items you have listed here for sale.

Ok... and so you don't really live in the Raleigh area like you posted in your ad. Sure, I'll drive two hours outta my way (at $2.99 a gallon for gas) to buy your widget sight unseen at twice it's actual value.

I'm just the idiot you've been waiting for... drop me an email at ruouttayourmind@nc.lala.com

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