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UPDATE: Can somebody tell me how to give a great blow job? - w4mw

I have to stop! I can't possibly respond to everybody. I had no Idea I would get so many suggestions. For those interested, the most common suggestions in no particular order are:

1) Go deep and hold your breath.
2) Make it wet
3) Use your hands also
4) Don't use your hands
5) Go slow
6) Go fast
7) Change up speed
8) Make eye contact
9) Hold his balls
10) Be gentle with the grandchildren (I had to ask-->Hold his balls gently)
11) Enjoy it
12) Always let him come in your mouth
13) Let him come in your mouth only on special occasions
14) Bargain for a nice dinner out first- That way you will really be excited to do it
15) Always swallow
16) Have him come in a glass and then you drink it
17) Invite a girlfriend or two to assist you.
18) Get between his legs to do it, rather than from the side.
19) Don't talk on the phone at the same time
20) Do it while he is on the phone with his boss.
21) Do it during dinner
22) Wake him up with it
23) Help him get to sleep with it

I've also had well over 100 men volunteer to offer to let me practice on them. (Thanks guys!) A half dozen guys volunteered to have their wives show me how (Thanks guys!..and gals!). One woman volunteered her husband so that she could take a break. (Thanks for that too!)

The best advice was to give a blow job to my ex's best friend and have him tell my ex that I'm no so bad. I have to say, that's my favorite, but why stop at just ONE best friend?! So guys, if your best friend recently got divorced, don't act stupid when I drop a hint.

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