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FREE: Giant Lawn Ornament

I have 1 free backhoe attachment. Approx wt. 1000-1500lbs. It has been sitting in my yard for the last 4 years. It came from someone else's yard for 8 years prior. Time for it to go.
Be the envy of your neighborhood with this in your yard. Put it out on the front lawn, that way everyone will see it. Your neighbors will be envious, and you will be proud.

Have a neighbor who pisses you off?, Put it on the property boundry, that way he will have to look at this every day.
Need a place to tie the dog to for the day? He'll never move this thing.
When you have your 4th of July BBQ, This is a great conversation starter. You can brag how you will strip it, paint it, and how well this thing will work after you put all that work into it.
A lovely place to hang your tarp! Makes a unique cooler for that 4th of July party or trellis for those rambling briars. Bragging rights - yup, worth mentioning twice.

Q: Can u load this on my trailer?
A: No my wife is a wimp. It will have to be partially dismantled. I have a loader that can lift approx 500-700 lbs.
Q: Can u hold this for a couple of months till I decide I don't want it?
A: NO; 1st person to arrive gets it.
Q; Do u think my wife will be pissed if I came home with this?
A: No The only thing about this that will upset your wife, is that she did not find it first, that way she could surprise you.
Q: Would you be able to deliver this fine piece of equipment?
A: SURE; why not, if you like, I can also dismantle it, strip the paint off it, repaint it, lubricate it, deliver it, reassemble it, and make sure it is in fine working condition, all for a GEE, THANKS ALOT MAN.

In closing, this is free, you need to move it, it needs alot of work, it does have a value, but not to me. (THIS IS NOT FOR THE FEINT OF HEART, IF YOU ARE NOT SURE ABOUT THIS, NOT SURE IF YOU CAN FIX THIS, OR NOT SURE YOU HAVE THE TIME FOR THIS, DON'T BOTHER)
THIS COULD END UP BEING A GIANT LAWN ORNAMENT IN YOUR YARD. We've enjoyed it - now it's your turn.

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