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Re: money crazy vets in R.I.

I would love to see the price list that people would NOT complain about.
Clinics pay for supplies, vaccines, meds, good help, insurance, utilities, continuing ed. etc etc ETC. When was the last time you looked at a Webster catalog (one of the primary distribution companies for professional veterinary necessities) to know what supplies alone cost? Are vets supposed to make no profit?..wait lemme guess, "If you REALLY cared about animals..." then no one would be charged for services rendered. The MINUTE that a vet does not offer every option for good care, including elective bloodwork and diagnostics that happen to cost money, then something will be missed and you will be calling your lawyer.

People who complain about paying for bloodwork are the FIRST to call a lawyer when their pet dies under anesthesia after they declined proper workup. They are the first to refuse to pay a bill for emergency care (which required expensive shock meds, three techs working two hours overtime and intense professional effort) because the dog ended up dying after being mangled by a car...when they are the one who let him roam into the busy street in front of their house. They are the first to let a chronic underlying problem get way out of hand and then complain about the cost involved then when they could've nipped things in the bud earlier on. My personal favorite is the indignant client who feels ripped off because it's going to cost $400 to unblock and hospitalize their male cat AGAIN after we told them a million times after the last episode to get the cat off goddamn Deli-Cat and Kit N' Kaboodle. But NO, it's our fault and we are trying to screw them out of their hard-earned money which would be better spent at TJ Maxx in their opinion.

I have been a vet tech for 15 years and I have yet to know a vet who drives a Mercedes, goes on extravagant vacations, isn't paying on a monsterous student loan for decades after graduation (I know a vet who recently graduated and has a hundred thou of student loans to pay off. GREAT doctor, too.), or who gets manicures and salon cuts.

It offends me greatly to see people complain about the cost of vet care. A good clinic does what's right...offers options for diagnosis, preventative care, and the best course of action to assure your pet's ultimate good health and long life. You get what you pay for.
People have no issue paying for an exhaust job or transmission work on their how is it that a vet that recommends x-rays for a limp or bloodwork on a geriatric cat is a money-grubbing shyster?
I once had an ER nurse call up to ask the price of a was $210.
What is the cost of a human ovariohysterectomy? 100 times that?
She was PISSED...thought that was outrageous. WTF?
$210 for basically the same level of care as the human...a sterile surgical suite, good instruments that have been sterilized, expensive monitors to keep tabs on the anesthetised animal, several skilled prep and anesthsia techs, a good surgeon, the latest pain meds, recovery nursing...
You wouldn't want anything less. You just wouldn't want to pay for it, is all.

If you don't want to pay for vet care, then get a hermit crab.
I saw there are a couple available here.

You can't have it both ways, people...
The best, up-to-date, concientious, quality care....but you want it cheap.

Having pets is not a basic right. If you can't afford to care for them, don't have them. If you can't afford a car payment, gas, insurance and periodic maintenance and repairs, then you probably wouldn't get a car, right?

I am sure that there are vets out there who overcharge. But I have never known one in all these years. They are good at Ferguson, too. Some vets have an especially good ear for murmurs...I am sure she thought she heard one and wanted to give you every opportunity to give the utmost care. If she hadn't offered you that option, you'd probably be pissed, too, if it turned out to be something serious later on. Ass coverage via diagnostics is CRITICAL in medicine, human or veterinary. Especially in this day and age of hair-trigger litigation.

The more I work with animals, the more I dislike people. I especially love how anyone that had owned a couple cats in their lifetime knows allllll about cats...even more than those of us who have watched 8 million disease processes and 16 million behavioral problems take place in the same predicatable ways over and over and over and over... what could we possibly know better than your average half-assed pet owner?

Just THINK, please...we are all in this field because we care about nothing else as much as pets. That is our primary concern, more than your financial situation...I meet people every day who "can't afford" an annual and a heartworm test but who can apparently afford to smoke Marlboro reds, go tanning, and drive a nicer car than I will EVER have on my vet tech salary. Your vet didn't hold a gun to your head and make you buy a puppy mill Yorkie that (hello, no surprise!...did you research the breed?) fulfilled its inherent predilection for knee issues that require surgery by a board certified orthopedic surgeon. Boo hoo. Because you can't (or don't want to) pay for it, then vets are price gougers?
Get a clue, and welcome to my world. I need a beer.

Thanks, however, to anyone willing to ponder the other side. PS: Just because a pet "looks fine" does not mean everything is or will remain's called "preventative medicine" for a reason. Organs fail and disease happens without any fanfare to announce it right off. You wouldn't cut corners on your kids....feed your kids Doritos and Lucky Charms and then bitch and moan when they get ill or need routine dental work.

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