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Seeking Medical Marijuana Patients

Skilled botanist seeks medical marijuana patients. Rhode Island law has been recently loosened to allow for legal growing of marijuana for suffering patients by up to two named caregivers. To date over 500 patients have registered and over 300 caregivers are licensed to grow medical marijuana for their patients. I am a botanist, skilled in organic methods, with an interest in entering the field of caregivers. If you are suffering from any condition that causes chronic pain or wasting syndrome, including but not limited to cancer, Hepatitis C, AIDS (or HIV positive), or a condition that causes ticking, including but not limited to Parkinson's disease, you may legally seek a recommendation from your doctor to try medical marijuana.

Marijuana is the wonder drug for cancer and AIDS, as it relieves pain, increases appetite, and grants a temporary respite from depression, coupled with mild circulatory stimulation and a desire to get back out into the world and enjoy life. The FDA has recommended its legalization nationwide, which previous federal administrations have chosen to ignore. The current administration, however, has recently vowed not interfere with any state medical marijuana program, leaving you as a patient and me as a caregiver free to exercise our freedom and not fear any prosecution under any court. It is safe, legal, and may just help to turn your life around. Marijuana need not be delivered through unhealthy smoke inhalation, but also through vaporization (inhalation of water vapor infused only with the active chemical), or ingestion of tasty treats, leaving your health decisions in your own hands.

If you are already a registered patient with only one caregiver, please contact me. I am confident in my skills and will happily pay for the registration fee to add another caregiver and subsequently supply a free sample and continued services if you desire. If you are not a registered patient, but are suffering from chronic pain, wasting syndrome, or ticking, please consider talking to your doctor about medical marijuana, and contact me for supply if you wish to give it a go.


A friendly Rhode Island botanist.

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