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Free bungalow/house/cabin/hovel

Howdy... We received many responses regarding this post. To clarify... We are offering the BUILDING ONLY to someone that can remove it from the property...

Re: pictures... please see below and understand the outside is much nicer than the interior.

Dimensions I would estimate at 25 x 30 but that is a guess.

Recently we purchased a tiny dwelling (aka hovel) in the Verde Valley. At the time of purchase there were tenants on site from the previous owner. We decided to buy this house/land despite not seeing the interior of the structure. We liked the property and felt we would try to renovate the structures if that was reasonable. The tenants have since vacated the premises and we have had an opportunity to get in and determine the extent and nature of this atrocity.

What we encountered was a level osf squalor that defies belief. After a significant number of man hours, we have completed an initial stripping of the superficial layer of filth that envelopes this dwelling and have determined that even if we were able to recover this house to an acceptable state we would be reluctant to live in it.

THIS IS NOT a prize. There are roaches, packrats and in all likelihood other life forms (quite possibly of a virulent microscopic nature) still in evidence. Previous domestic animals (besides, but not necessarily excluding the tenants) have also left an indelible mark on this bungalow.

I have no idea if this place is salvageable, and I possess neither the desire nor the ability to remedy this condition any further.

This being said... It DOES have a bizarre kind of charm. This home was built circa 1920 and moved to its current location in the 1960's. It is less than 800 square feet. The walls seem solid and the outside is stucco. There are three small bedrooms and one bathroom, as well as a kitchen and living room. The structure itself sits on blocks and has a crawlspace beneath it. I cannot in all honesty say if the structure is sound, but since this house was moved once, I am assuming that it might be possible again. I am listing this in hopes that someone with the necessary skills might in fact find some use for it.

If you are still reading this... If you have the wherewithal to actually move this building... If you have a peculiar nature and would like to interrupt the natural destiny and spare this building from its ultimate demolition...then we would gladly let you remove this building at no charge (and at your convenience).

So it comes down to this... this little house is destined to be destroyed unless for some reason somebody intervenes... I have done my best not to gloss over anything. This would most certainly be a challenge to anyone brave/foolish enough to undertake it...

But Craigslist being what it is... this is the only venue I could think of to present it.

And then my mom said "Why not see if somebody wants it for free?" (I try to pay attention to what she says because she is a very sharp lady.)

Thanks for checking this out. I know this is bizarre and I apologize that it borders on ludicrous. I would appreciate that contact be limited to people that have both the interest and means to carry this off.

Thanks again.

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