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Old Spice and my date with The Slutwitch

First of all, i'm still recovering. Mentally. After 2 cancellations, we finally met at a check cashing place on Dunlap, just west of I-17. She looked just as hot as her pic and was dressed just the way I like: wearing one of those black, see thru, tight sleeved, lingerie type of blouse with a visable black bra underneath. A SHORT Catholic School type plaid skirt except it was red not green,thigh high silk stockings and these black velvet ankle high pumps. She also had the little ankle bracelets on which are a huge turn on don't ask me why. And if that wasn't good enough she was wearing Escape. Before I go any further, let me say that the second she got in my car she was ooohing and aaahing about how much she loved my Old Spice. That shit is hipper than trucker hats and Dr. Martans combined. It ALWAYS works. Any girl who is not turned on by Old Spice is probably a dyke. I'm cringing just writing this so I'll just get to the point: The Slutwitch was beautiful, but taller than I expected and had a deep FM DJ type of voice. She kept flipping her hair every 5-10 seconds so I thought she might be tweeking. She got right down to business after pocketing the 2 Jacksons and let me tell you, she was good at it. As she was slurping away, she tried to slip me a finger, which I thought was weird. I diddn't last long and exploded just as the second Cramps song began. The whole time I was rubbing her ass and thighs, but she kept pushing my hand away whenever I got to close to her coochie. She grabbed her phone and said she had to take a call and was out of my car before I could even respond. As I watched her slink away, it hit me : My Slutwitch was a dude. Now I don't know what to think. I had an incredible time, and she WAS just about the hottest thing I'd ever seen, but I swear, I am not a homo, not now, not ever. At this point, my head is spinning, I managed to get her number, but am scared to call her again. It was incredible though. Does anyone know of a therapist who specializes in this area???

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