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PSA for those selling 80s furniture

I've been scouring these furniture listings for a while now and I can clearly see that some of you need a little help in moving your items.. here are some tips for those of you who somehow still have your 1980s decor:

1. Calling something "eames era," "vintage," or "elegant" doesn't make it so. In fact, that "eames era" of which you speak... Charles died in 1978, so your 1980s horrific dining set isn't covered. Give the poor man a break, he had taste. The only thing produced in his name after his death was the Eames Sofa, google it. I'm pretty sure you don't have one. His wife, Ray was still alive for another ten years, but she's not taking responsibility for your ugly either.

2. If you've listed this hideous 1980s item for more than $40, you're grossly overestimating your market. I know, I know, you thought to yourself, "With the right amount of love and restoration, this could be a really classic piece." Let me tell you something, potheads don't have any money and if they do, they spend it on pot, not hideous couches from 1986.

3. That upholstered item you're selling? It's so dirty I can smell it through my computer. If I were you, I would be offering cash to the first person who could take it into the desert and shoot it, burn it, anything to get the smell out of my house. Clean it up or give it away, please don't relist it for the fifth (or fifteenth.. you know who you are) day in a row for $200.

Hope this helps and if any of you actually DO have an Eames sofa that you want to sell me for $75, give me a shout out. I'll gladly take it off of your hands just as soon as I'm done smoking this joint.

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