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Yes, CL-Philly-R&R has just done a full circle with topics. It was exactly 56 days ago that this site was flowing with the "Blacks in movie theatres" topic. It is the same idiotic topics over and over again. The progression of this site is synonymous with the progression of this city. Coincidence? Maybe, but I think it is a good indication of why this city, and the people in it, go nowhere. Has the idea of "change" or "originality" ever occured to anybody?

So, here is the rundown of topics for the next few weeks. Each topic lasts about 1-2 weeks.
8/14 - 8/28: The "Blacks in the Theatre" issue
8/28 - 9/11: "The Black Tipping Debate" (followed by a special segment of "Muslim Bashing", to commemorate 9/11)
9/11 - 9/25: The conclusion of "Muslim Bashing" followed by an all new season of the "SUV Rant"
9/25 - 10/9: The heavily involved, and always entertaining, "Bicyclist/Driver Arguments"
10/9 - 10/23: The heartfelt, 6th grade mentality "Sex Polls"
10/23 - 11/6: Just in time for the Fall season. From the basements of Northeast Philly, we bring you: "The Monotonous Eagles Rants". This will also be displayed alongside reruns of "The Best Cheesesteak Follies", from the rooftop decks of South Philly. 11/6 - 11/20: A dramatic rehashing of the "Blacks in the Theatre" issue, which kicks off the beginning of the cycle, again.

But the fun doesn't stop there! During this whole cycle we will have guest appearances from famous CL celebrities like:
The Bush Basher (adolescents experiencing their first president)
Angry Dumped Girls (or FLA: Future Lesbians of America
The Bleeding Heart Liberal (naivete at its' finest) The Neocon Republican (supporting Hitler after all these years)
Suburban Transplants (to rant about their first encounters with African Americans; i.e. movies, tipping, slow-walking, driving, loudness)
Philly Phoreigners (people from other cities who, for reasons unknown to mankind, feel it is necessary to post on our site)
Leisure Suit Larry (the random guy who asks us where and how to get laid, as if we really know)
The JPIGS ( the plethora of idiots who find it hilarious to post pictures of V-words, food, penises, cats, scat and that Eric Estrada poster which says "You're Gay" (and he's pointing at you), etc., etc., etc.)
The Clockstoppers (people who always think it is 420 and ask where to get it. Because law enforcement has absolutely no idea what 420 means.)
And a whole lot more!

Don't be upset if you miss anything. Just tune in a few weeks later when everyone will be cutting and pasting the same stuff.

This-- is CNN.

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